In the head

Oh my child are you in there, too

Are you soiled and spoiled and boo hoo hoo

With balloon pop shakes and tin foil hat

Don’t scream this time if you can hear any of that

Have you fed yet or dead yet or arc dreaming red yet

Laying in bed hearing voices play dread

You’re just a whore, like Sheri next door

Clutching arm begging save mother some more

Do you see her not there, her absent not stare

It’s time in your mind to mind the moth of her lair

Its not long to fall, not as St. Paul can recall

Stop talking and sink or take your turn in the pink

We’ve dug our dry well, spitting hell all over Shell

Start the full hot burn, the slow, low gravity turn

Turning our me into you and ever to her

Sure, fucker, sure, take your spoonful of cure

I’m here, dear, cram your fear

Pin those ears and eat my tears

I’m spinning my bowls, a tight white swan in ballerina pose

My legs will stay on, even alone with her mom

Lets speak another of a million frowns

And clown around and around, red light of the town

Let’s pound their sound down with our holy bent crown

Then the eyes and lies and eventually flies

Spinning drunk circles away, looping out of my fray

Never holds always fades making silent burnt roast

Grow up dress down depress it and toast

It’s the last time like last time, my god please be the last

Time is never ahead, its last in line in mine, living rot root cold deep in the head



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